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Emotional Mastery gives you the knowledge and understanding you need, as well as a feeling for, the most powerful tools of emotional intelligence.
With this, you can learn how to utilise them effectively, to transform your life for good!

Emotional Mastery
Be More

We are all human beings and by working on our own limiting beliefs, our limiting thoughts, the bugs and virus’ that have infiltrated our operating systems we can start to become more of our true Self. By learning to live above the line more often we let go of everything that was holding us back.

Emotional Mastery
Do Less

When we can Be More, we are able to take actions from above the line. The actions we need to take become easier and we are not living on the hamster wheel of life where we have to constantly do, do, do. Obstacles that we’re in our way disappear and we live life in flow.

Emotional Mastery
Have More

Life starts to happen through you and not by you. Opportunities appear in your life and results and decisions you need to make become easier. You start to get the results you want, more often and through less effort.

Ask your mind if it knows the solution to your questions and problems…
The answer is that it does not!

So, you may have been looking in the filing cabinet of your mind over and over all these years for the answer and it is not there.

It is time to get out of your head and come to your senses.

By taking this journey with us you too can gain a better understanding of your Emotions, allowing you to make better quality decisions leading to even better results.

How we help

Our workshops and events deliver world class transformational experiences to those willing to take responsibility for personal growth. To allow them to Be More, Do Less and Have More.

You can join us online or at live events. Learn more on our Events page.

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Where are you a leader in your life?

Along this path of transformation, you will encounter numerous success, but you may also face detours and challenges. You may have to face obstacles that seem insurmountable and the road looks blocked.

Emotional Mastery takes emotional intelligence techniques blended into our own unique and simple brand of accelerated coaching and training, the SOAR™ method.

Helping successful but busy people become the person they always wanted to be, whether that is an influential leader in their field of expertise, or simply within their personal life – and to do it FAST.

Enabling someone like you who is doing all the right things but still not getting the desired results to finally get everything you deserve for all your hard work.

Applying the skill of EQ creates the link to doing the right things and getting the right results and how to successfully navigate your way to both greater success and greater fulfilment, in your professional and personal lives.

Working together improves all of us. Our Emotional Mastery community is made up of people are who committed to changing their lives and the lives of others to Be More, Do Less & Have More.



There are three major areas of life that everyone struggles with:




Download the book for bite size information of the key points of my teachings on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), with tips on how to apply them in your business and personal life.

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“We are all unlimited beings, limited only by the ideas of limitation
we hold in mind”

– Lester Levenson