Advanced Programs

Advanced Programs

Along your path of transformation, you will encounter numerous success, but you may also face detours and challenges. You may have to face obstacles that seem insurmountable and the road looks blocked.

Applying the skill of EQ creates the link to doing the right things and getting the right results and how to successfully navigate your way to both greater success and greater fulfilment in your professional and personal lives.

Working together improves all of us. Our Emotional Mastery community is made up of people are committed to changing their lives and the lives of others to

Be More, Do Less & Have More.

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Live your life without limits

Our Advanced Membership programs are designed to help you continue our journey with the tools that will equip you to overcome any obstacles in your way and unblock any road that leads to your goals and achieving the results for you.

It is time to put on your own oxygen mask and take care of yourself so that you can be of service and help to others.

All of our programs start with Emotional Mastery – whether you attend our live online events or our in-person retreats.

If you are not an Emotional Mastery Graduate or have taken that first step with us then click here to learn more about our Courses & Events –

2024 Events Program

If you are an Emotional Mastery Graduate, where are you on your journey?

You may have taken time out or been part of our community for some time but yo-yoed with what you have done with us.

Now is the time to let us help you.

Our Calendar of Events is full of workshops and events that support your monthly peer to peer group sessions and private 1-2-1 coaching.

Our SOAR Days cover the key areas of Health, Wealth & Relationships .

Our Money Mastery events support our Money Game program and the energy and flow of money coming in and coming out.

Each element of our programs are designed to help you Be More, Do Less, Achieve More.

Emotional Mastery by Sanjay Shah