About Us

About Us

Improve yourself, improve your life!

The key to EQ is in understanding yourself and then understanding those around you.

Over the last 20 years we have built up a strong community of professional entrepreneurs, business owners, property investors and leaders who were doing all the right things but were still not getting the desired results to finally get everything they deserve for all their hard work.

Our mantra is:
Be More      Do Less     Have More

By taking our vast knowledge and experience of Emotional Intelligence techniques and blending it into our own unique and simple brand of accelerated coaching and training, the SOAR™ method. Our teams have helped successful but busy people become the person they always wanted to be, whether that is an influential leader in their field of expertise, or simply within their personal life – and to do it FAST.

If you’re stuck in life’s challenges and want to make your life as successful as you know it can be, or maybe, you’re wondering what else there could be in life; either way, you’ll move to fast forward when you open your eyes and ears to hear the message

There are a number of opportunities on how to work with us:


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