Our Clients

Our Clients


Through this journey of transformation on Emotional Mastery you will meet like-minded individuals who will become your circle of support.  This group has a great understanding of the material and how to help you implement when you are in your “normal” daily life.  Using this group of people will help you to accelerate your learning and will be there to support you when you need it.

Our community comes together for our Emotional Mastery or SOAR events – whether held online or live retreats.

We hold monthly group sessions, and our Emotional Mastery Retreat Graduate Facebook forum is an active group where people can reach out and support each other.

What others say:

“I am giving a massive THANK YOU to Sanjay Shah for his teachings and allowing me to part of an amazing journey. I am and will be forever grateful”

Keith McKay

“Since first working with Sanjay I have come to realise that most people are being held back….by themselves. Sanjay and his team give you the opportunity not only to discover your potential but to unlock it. They then give you the tools to continue improving!”

Dave Holloway

“If you think that there should be more to life and that something is missing. Come on Emotional Mastery for the start of a journey of discovery”

Colin Briley

When I met Sanjay I was a co-owner in a successful accountancy company, but I had lost my way in my career and life. My work was no longer really fulfilling me and yet I didn’t know how to go about changing that as my security depended on it. I didn’t know which way to turn, but I did know I was unhappy which was affecting my home and work life. My business coach recommended that I speak to Sanjay, and this led to my engaging Sanjay’s coaching services.  Sanjay helped me think clearly about what I wanted and what was not working for me. He enabled me to find my own solutions, and make decisions to improve it. Using the processes he taught me during our private coaching sessions, specifically emotional intelligence, I was able to make tough decisions with ease. I am now happier and able to work positively. My family relationships are fun again, and I also have a renewed enthusiasm for work, following my dream again. I no longer struggle with situations beyond my control, and have a set of tools I can use to change my circumstances and regain control. This has led to me overcoming stress and worry. I am physically healthier and mentally more alert than before. It has improved my life and this may not have happened without Sanjay’s help. I recommend him to anyone who has lost their way in life, suffering from stress, depression, or feeling unfulfilled in their career or life.

David, Accountant

Sanjay is the best “emotional intelligence” coach that I know and amongst the best in the world.. He has helped me and my partner cut right through to the core of the patterns that have held us back and break through to better results and relationships

Andy Gwynn

If you want easily applied emotional intelligence models that can have profound benefits to your business and personal life, then I must commend the work of Sanjay to you. I have seen first hand numerous significant shifts in peoples self-belief systems as a result of his work. Emotional intelligence without the “Ra-Ra”! A “must experience” training.

David Hyner

Emotional Mastery online is such a powerful way of working on yourself and your inner happiness (for you and those around you). I have made massive strides in a short space of time and would highly recommend.

Kerry M