Emotional Mastery Live

Emotional Mastery Retreat

Imagine having access to the most impactful tools that you can use at any time.

Join us for our live Emotional Mastery retreat where you will have knowledge and experience of the most powerful tools of emotional intelligence that have already changed the lives of thousands of people – people just like you.

Emotional Mastery is an experience and over the three days on the retreat you will be asked to take part in a series of exercises which will help you to understand your Mind, Body & Heart energy.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You are working to hard all the time
  • You want to make a difference to your life
  • You are not getting the results from the amount of effort that is put in
  • You are working hard just to stand still
  • You might be paying the price for success in your relationships and health

Here is a fact – you can learn through your own hard experience or you can learn through the experience of people who have been there before.

Emotional Mastery is learning from the experience of other people who have already been there – so you don’t have to pay the price.

Our Next Live Retreat takes place on 13th to 15th May 2022

On Day 1

  • Learn how to get into the highest emotional levels, all the time, no matter what life throws at you – personal or business.
  • Learn how to remove ALL energy sapping emotions in minute
  • Uncover your three core programmes that create EVERY thought and emotion that you ever have – and so impact every action you ever take
  • Break through your glass ceilings that have been putting a cap on the levels of your own success in business and in life.

On Day 2

  • Three rules of mastery
  • Learn how to neutralise your negative thoughts and stay in positivity ALL of the time
  • Learn how to use other people’s negativity to clear your subconscious negative thinking patterns.
  • Make peace with your past setbacks

On Day 3

  • Introduction to the 9 human operating systems
  • Accessing the greatness of your hero’s
  • Become the person you always wanted to be
  • Living in the eye of the storm – practical tips to make your life easy
  • How to bring emotional intelligence into everyday life and your business.

After attending Emotional Mastery Retreat Live you will;

Know how to influence growth and change.
Be able to move out of low level negative emotions and access high level positive emotions at any time.
Also know that making decisions from an emotional state is good as long as it is the right level of emotion and know how to do that.

Emotional Mastery is an accelerated training program to embed the advanced skills of emotional intelligence in a powerful and experiential environment.

In just three days you experience transformation in your way of thinking and the way you experience emotions.
You will no longer be the servant of negative emotions and will become the master of your emotions and can use these positive emotions to improve your performance in your lives and in your business.

This course will teach how and why leaders who are revered use high level emotions to influence change and growth within their organisations, whilst leaders who are reviled are using low level emotions (e.g. fear, anger, bullying) to manipulate the people within their life.

Are you ready to take the decision and join us for 3 days of amazing transformation?